Meet Stuart

smiling freckled young man

Behind all offshore electrical components lies the expertise of individuals who are passionate about electrical engineering. Our electrical engineer Stuart shares his story of how he got into the field and his career achievements so far.

Qualifications and Expertise

Stuart is a fully qualified electrician following an electrical apprenticeship, 18th edition. His further skillset includes ComPex and High Voltage up to 36kv, rope access, and has recently completed his fibre optic qualification.  The field of electrical engineering is characterised by constant technological advancements, and to stay ahead Stuart highlights the importance of staying up to date with the latest developments through online research and attending the latest industry events and conferences.

Aspirations for the Future

Looking forward, Stuart has ambitious goals for the coming years. “I hope to lead projects in renewable energy solutions, supporting our clients both on and offshore.  There’s still so much to explore and learn in this area.ā€¯